Krivoshein McDaniels Financial

In January of 2021 Scott Krivoshein and Kim McDaniels became partners and Krivoshein McDaniels Financial was born. Scott had started his company in 2001 and Kim had been on the team since 2011 as an Associate Advisor. Krivoshein McDaniels Financial was monumental name change but the promise Scott and Kim stood behind remained the same. From day one they’ve stood firm on their commitment to customize, personal financial and investment advice that is rooted in compassion and ethics for the clients they serve. This commitment is the foundation to the services Scott, Kim and the entire team provide. “No matter who we are working with or the situation we encounter, we are always grounded in our commitment to our clients.” The Krivoshein McDaniels Financial Team is eager to serve your financial needs, and are so grateful for the Valley they have the opportunity to work in.