Nothing is more difficult than losing a loved one. It is important to have the chance to remember those who we’ve lost and to grieve. Today grieving can be challenging when trying to navigate the financial process and proceeds of those who have passed.

The Krivoshein McDaniels Financial Team knows these financial challenges and they stand ready to assist you through them. Scott and Kim often help the families of those who’ve lost someone, navigate through the process of organizing their financial affairs. Regardless of the estate size they recognize this process is daunting. Kim and Scott will go the extra mile and work with your attorney, the estate attorney, and the CPA to guarantee the process is done right and communication is streamlined.

“We know how difficult this process is and our goal is to take some of this pressure of the family. If we can handle the process and keep it organized, then we know the families will have some room to grieve those they have lost.”